Do you take commissions?

I sure do! Get in touch here and let me know what you have in mind!


What can I hire you for?

So many things! I can create illustrations, portraits, posters, game assets, album artwork, comic books and storyboards.  I am also great at creating and guiding the visual development of a larger project like an indie or mobile game, board game or animation.  

Are you after something I haven’t mentioned? Shoot me a message and let me know – It might be right up my alley, if it’s not, I’d love to help you find someone who’s more appropriate for the job!


I’d like to hire you, how do I go about that?

Get in touch with me here and we can discuss your project and what I can do to help you realise it!


How much do you charge?

My rate varies depending on how large the project in question is and whether or not the work is ongoing.  Please get in touch – I’d love to discuss your project!


Your work is pretty nerdy… Is that all you do?

Yeah, I’m a huge nerd – caught me! I like to say my work is is what would happen if Aubrey Beardsley and Alphonse Muscha (two of my favourite art nouveau illustrators) were really into Star Wars.

Joking aside, I’m more than happy to create work that will appeal to other audiences!


Where can I buy prints of your work?